People often ask what tools to buy or where to buy tools and stones. If you are serious about jewelry making don't buy the cheapest tools available. In the case of round-nose pliers, the plier tips can quickly begin slipping when you try to make a wrap.
In the case of cutters, the cutter will only cut within a certain range of metal gauge. Often the cutter will still cut outside of that recommended gauge, but it will ruin the cutter. It can nick, bend and even break the blades.
Be sure to check what gauge your cutters are for before you ruin them on the wrong project.

Something I tell my beginning students is to buy the end-nippers and side-cutters at one of the major home improvement stores. Most offer a lifetime warranty. Most have a "craft-size" set of pliers with a spring in them. I have already gone through a couple pairs of these and had no problem getting replacements.

Unless you just have really small hands, I don't advise getting those mini plier sets. Some people get those, I guess thinking they will save money. But the pliers are uncomfortable, they are small so they won't handle a larger gauge and you just won't be happy with them. Instead of saving money, you'll just end up buying a whole other batch of pliers.

You will need, at a minimum, a set of round-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers (not serrated), scissors, and cutters (best to have a flush cut and an end nipper I think). You can buy all kinds of other pliers, but these are what you will need to start. It will be more comfortable to you if you make sure you get a pair with a spring. Sometimes you will come across a pair that does not have one. For working in jewelry, it is better to have a spring.